Lytix Biopharma is a Phase II clinical stage immuno-oncology company with more than 20 years of preclinical and clinical research. Since June 2021 the company is listed on Euronext Growth.

Lytix has, in collaboration with world leading cancer research centers, developed a proprietary in situ vaccination technology platform providing a new class of drug candidates for the treatment of cancer. The treatment is aiming for activating the patient’s own immune system to fight the cancer.

Lytix’ development program consists of:

  • LTX-315, the lead compound, currently being tested in two separate and independent Phase II clinical trials for patients with solid tumors
  • LTX-401, a second-generation compound, under preparation for entry into human clinical studies for patients with deep-seated lesions
  • A hypothesis-driven clinical program for the application of the entire class of oncolytic molecules in the setting of adoptive T-cell transfer (ATCT) technology
  • An early-stage investigation of oncolytic molecules in an undisclosed clinical setting


In total this program covers a range of cancer indications, and it works both as monotherapy and in combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) and as adjunct to cell therapy. The ambition of the development program is to ensure that the entire potential of the technology platform will be revealed and released. To achieve this, Lytix has entered – and is prepared to enter further – into scientific, clinical and commercial collaborations worldwide.

In one of the two ongoing Phase II studies, LTX-315 is given to patients with solid tumors in combination with the immune checkpoint inhibitor pembrolizumab (Keytruda), a leading market approved immunotherapeutic drug.

In August 2020, Lytix announced it had entered into a worldwide license agreement enabling Verrica Pharmaceuticals Inc. to develop and commercialize LTX-315 for certain types of skin cancers. Verrica has recently initiated a Phase II study in patients with Basal Cell Carcinoma. Under the license agreement, Lytix may receive aggregate payments of more than USD 113m as signing fee and upon achievements of certain clinical, regulatory and sales milestones as well as tiered royalty payments in the double-digit teens.

The technology platform has demonstrated its ability to deliver several drug candidates. Lytix Biopharma’s second candidate in the pipeline, LTX-401, is a second-generation molecule developed for treatment of deep-seated solid tumors.