Lytix Biopharma is a clinical stage biotech company based on more than 30 years of preclinical and clinical research originated at the Arctic University of Norway, home to one of the leading academic clusters worldwide on generating bioactive drug candidates from naturally occurring host defense peptides.

The company is developing a cancer therapy involving the body’s immune system, an area within cancer therapy aiming for activating the patient’s own immune system to fight the cancer cells. Lytix Biopharma’s lead cancer drug candidate, LTX-315, a first-in-class oncolytic peptide, is directly injected in to one or more available tumors. It attacks by binding to the surface of the cancer cell, penetrating through the cell membrane and dissolving all compartments of the cancer cell, resulting in a total disintegration and killing of the cancer cell. The destruction causes tumor antigens to be released, which the patient’s immune system recognizes and responds to. The activated immune system starts searching for cancer cells with these tumor antigens and is now able to combat tumors located in other parts of the body.

LTX-315 is ready to be tested in combination with a market approved immunotherapeutic drug in a Phase II study in the US. Lytix Biopharma also has other candidates in the pipeline, including LTX-401, a second-generation molecule developed for treatment of visceral tumors.

Lytix Biopharma’s goal is that the company’s groundbreaking technology will play an important role in cancer treatment in the future.


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