In order to strengthen Lytix Biopharma`s research program on Oncolytic peptides, the company is collaborating with the international leading experts.

  • Guido Kroemer and Laurence Zitvogel, Institute Gustav Roussy, have been central in the discovery of apoptosis, immunogenic cell death and role of the microbioma in cancer treatment.
  • Joost Oppenheim, National Cancer Institute CI, pioneered the development of cytokine and chemokine fields of research and is currently studying the role of alarmins that activate toll-like receptors.
  • Sandra Demaria, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, has been central in understanding how radiation modulates tumor immunogenicity and improves response to immunotherapy.
  • Mikael Pittet, Harvard Medical School, Boston, studies cellular network dynamics and employs  three-dimensional bioimaging technologies to analyze their role in health and disease.