Sep 9, 2015
Political seminar on knowledge-based reorganization to new growth and value creation

LMI, Norinnova and Arctic Biodiscovery Center invited to political seminar in Tromsø Tuesday September 8th 2015 on knowledge-based reorganization to new growth and value creation. Among the speakers was John Sigurd Svendsen from Lytix Biopharma.

The overall theme was bio-economy, and how we can create more value and jobs. Bio-economy will probably be a key element for Europe's economy within 40 years and it is therefore important that Norway is consciously and positioning themselves in relation to the expected growth in bio-related industries and value creation.

The room of possibilities is large and the reasons for success are many: There is a large and growing market for biotech products. We have a solid knowledge base in the field of biotechnology, and there is great innovation activity, established cluster network and many startup companies. International industry with a presence in Norway represent an important potential for research investment and knowledge transfer.

Several players have to pull together to succeed. Do we have a common understanding of what it takes to create business out of our research and expertise?


Asbjørn Lilletun, CEO of Norinnova

From research to business and jobs
John Sigurd Svendsen, Professor of chemistry at the University of Tromsø, and Research Director in Lytix Biopharma AS

Why should we develop a biotechnology industry in Norway, and what is the value?
Torfinn Hansen, Chairman of The Arctic Biodiscovery Center

How can Norwegian research increase its contribution to innovation and value creation?
Anne Homes Bekk, Principal at the University of Tromsø

Debate: Do we have a policy to achieve our goals?

Introduction: Analysis of instruments for added value - are we on the right path?
v / Anne-Kjersti Fahlvik, Director of the Division for Innovation in Research
Local politicians and national politicians in debate under the leadership of Norinnova