Sep 26, 2015
Lytix Biopharma presented initial results from LTX-315 Phase I study at ECC2015

More centers join the Phase I study with LTX-315, a novel Immunotherapeutic Oncolytic Peptide

Lytix presented initial safety and efficacy data from the ongoing Phase I monotherapy trial with LTX-315 as a poster presentation at the 18th European Cancer Congress (ECC2015) in Vienna on September 26. These results follow the Proof of Concept declared in April 2015, after the immunotherapeutic oncolytic peptide showed a favorable safety profile and emerging evidence of clinical anti-tumour activity and immune effects. Adding to the strong preclinical synergy with LTX-315 and immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs), Lytix also presses forward with its plans to initiate the first combination trial early 2016.

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LTX-315 induces a potent stimulation of an extended range of tumour-specific T-cells attacking cancer, potentially increasing immune response in patients. It appears LTX-315 “pushes the accelerator” of the immune system through the release of potent immune stimulants. Furthermore, LTX-315 differentiates from many other cancer immunotherapies by inducing the release of an extended range of patient-specific tumour antigens.

Combinations of complementary immunotherapy treatments are expected to be an integral part of future cancer treatment delivering significant clinical benefit. ICIs “release the brakes” imposed by the tumour on the immune system. LTX-315 has the potential to augment efficacy of ICIs without adding toxicity.

Dr. James Spicer (King’s College London at Guys Hospital London, UK), principal investigator of the Phase I study and presenter at ECC2015 commented:

“Emerging evidence of anti-tumour activity and immune effects have been observed with LTX-315 in the ongoing Phase I study. With a manageable and predictable safety profile it is both attractive and appropriate to explore combination therapy of LTX-315 with immune checkpoint inhibitors.”


Dr. Andrew Saunders, CMO of Lytix Biopharma commented on the development of LTX-315:

“We are moving forward rapidly in completing the Phase I study. We have 7 active centers and 2 new centers joining the study in EU and have filed an IND to have US participation. Based on these data, and the complementary mode of action to immune checkpoint inhibitors, we are planning to initiate a combination trial program.”