Jun 14, 2016
LTX-315 in two oral presentations at WPC in Boston 14-16 June 2016

Preclinical results with LTX-315 in two oral presentations at the World Preclinical Congress (WPC)

In collaboration with Adaptive Biotechnologies (Seattle, USA),  Lytix Biopharma has investigated changes in T cell clonality before and after treatment of murine B16 melanomas with LTX-315. At the World Preclinical Congress to be held in Boston this week, Sharon Benzeno from Adaptive Biotechnologies will present data showing that LTX-315 significantly enhances T cell infiltration and T cell clonality in B16 melanomas. The results indicate that LTX-315 has the potential to convert non-T cell inflamed tumors into T-cell inflamed tumors. Since immunotherapy normally is more effective in subsets of patients with a T cell inflamed tissue, LTX-315 may increase the number of patients responding to immunotherapy. In collaboration with Oncodesign (Dijon, France) Lytix has shown promising results by combining LTX-315 and the immune checkpoint blockade inhibitor anti-PD-L1. Phillippe Slos from Oncodesign will present data demonstrating that LTX-315 in combination anti-PD-L1 enhance the delay of tumor growth compared to each compound alone in the murine mammary carcinoma model EMT-6.

World Preclinical Congress (WPC) is a key networking event for those involved in preclinical research and features conferences, training seminars and short courses that cover the very latest in preclinical strategies and technologies, to enable better and faster decisions in drug discovery.