May 21, 2017
Immunotherapeutic effects of LTX-315 published in Future Medicinal Chemistry

A short review describing LTX-315s oncolytic mode of action and immunotherapeutic effects have recently been published in Future Medicinal Chemistry. The review is included in the journals special issue on the topic of immunotherapy.

The journals special focus issue outline:
The field of immunotherapy is moving forward at an unprecedented rate, and a range of therapeutic approaches are now used in clinical practice, often with outstanding success. Cancer immunotherapy, in particular, has recently come of age, with many of the breakthrough drugs showing significant advantages over conventional therapies. This special issue will look at the latest advances in small-molecule immunotherapeutics, such as the discovery of novel chemical entities, newly identified immune targets, the use of chemical probes in understanding the complexities of the immune system, and challenges in demonstrating the pre-clinical efficacy of immunotherapeutics. The issue will include opinion articles, reviews and original research.

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