Aug 31, 2017
LTX-315’s ability to induce abscopal anticancer activity published in OncoImmunology

Abstract: LTX 315 is an oncolytic peptide with potent immunological properties. In the present study, we demonstrate that intratumoral treatment with LTX-315 resulted in a complete regression and systemic immune response in a rat fibrosarcoma model. The treatment was T-cell dependent, and also resulted in an abscopal effect as demonstrated by the regression of distal non-treated lesions. Significant infiltration of CD8C T cells was observed in both treated and non-treated lesions, as shown by immunohistochemical and flow cytometric analysis. LTX-315 rapidly killed the cells in vitro with a lytic mode of action followed by the subsequent release of Danger-Associated Molecular Pattern (DAMP) molecules such as HMGB1, ATP and Cytochrome c. Together, our data demonstrate that LTX-315 represents a new approach to cancer immunotherapy, which has the potential as a novel immunotherapeutic agent.

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