Dec 20, 2017
Lytix Biopharma receives funding for innovation partnership with OncoImmunity in search for neoantigens

Lytix Biopharma and Oncoimmunity have received funding from PERMIDES to their joint project entitled ”OpTiNeoScreen“. The project is funded with €60.000 and was among the best-ranked projects funded by a PERMIDES Innovation Voucher.  

The fund will be used to optimize patient specific neoantigen screening panels that identify tumor specific T-cells induced by treatment with the oncolytic peptide LTX-315 in patients with metastatic soft tissue sarcomas. The clinical translation research will be performed at Herlev Hospital, Copenhagen, in collaboration with Inge Marie Svane and her team at Center for cancer immunotherapy.


CSO Øystein Rekdal:

“We are very proud and grateful for receiving the fund from PERMIDES and are very much looking forward to collaborating with the teams of OncoImmunity and Herlev Hospital to explore LTX-315`s ability to generate neoantigen specific T-cells in patients with metastatic soft tissue sarcomas. Identification of neoantigen specific T-cells is an important step to better understand the disease and improve current treatments.”


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