Sep 27, 2018
Sarcoma study with LTX-315 open for recruitment

The sarcoma study with LTX-315 in combination with Adoptive T cell Transfer (ATCT) is now open for patient recruitment.

Edwin Klumper, CEO of Lytix Biopharma, expresses his thanks to the staff of the Center for Cancer Immune Therapy (CCIT) in Copenhagen led by Professor Inge Marie Svane and the Lytix staff all working jointly and diligently to achieve this milestone. 'With few treatment options for sarcoma patients available, let us hope this study may be the start of developing new treatment options for these patients. The aim of the study is to generate the patient’s own tumor specific T cells after local treatment with LTX-315. The ATCT technology will then isolate and culture billions of the patients own tumor specific T cells given back to attack the sarcoma. We are looking forward to the first results.'