Oct 23, 2019
New publication in collaboration with Mikael Pittet and his team at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School

Dr. Mikael Pittet and his research group at the Center for Systems Biology at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School recently published a paper in the highly esteemed journal “Cell Stress” showing that LTX-315 is effective in conditional genetic mouse models of melanoma and sarcoma. In these models, tumors are poorly infiltrated by T cells and resist conventional chemo- and immunotherapeutic treatments.

LTX-315 treatment resulted in infiltration of T cells and long-lasting tumor control in melanoma and significantly delayed tumor progression in sarcoma.

Many human tumors, including melanomas and sarcomas, do not benefit from current treatment such as immunotherapies in part because T cells are excluded from the tumor.

Clinical data from melanoma and sarcoma patients supports that LTX-315-triggered T cell infiltration is not limited to experimental mouse models, but also apply to patients.

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